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Research increasingly suggests that each of us is unique in the way we absorb and metabolize nutrients. This dawning realization has scientists, and entrepreneurs, scrambling to provide more effective nutritional advice based on such distinguishing factors as genetic makeup, gut bacteria, body type and chemical exposures. By combining data gleaned from subjects’ glucose responses with information about their gut bacteria, medications, family histories and lifestyles, the scientists devised an algorithm that accurately predicted blood sugar responses to foods the participants hadn’t yet eaten in the study. A diet that is not designed completely around you is not a diet that is for you it takes time to create a diet not just based on your calories in but also applies known science and techniques based on your body type and macro and micro nutrient recommendations. A perfect diet is more then just a calorie recommendation, it is a true understanding of ones life.

Experience Life Through Healthy Nutrition

Many people feel a little imbalanced, like having too much stress, feelings of depleted energy, blood sugar swings during the day, or gut issues. This requires personalized attention. Nutrition as first-line therapy is powerful — and interventions may be personalized to involve restriction of sugars, reducing processed foods, eliminating alcohols, maximizing antioxidant-rich foods, or fermented foods. Interventions may include supplements and herbs unique to the imbalances, such as herbs that act like natural antibiotics to improve gut health.

Upon getting back to balance, its important to return to a shared experience with food, and to prioritize whole, local foods that connect you to your farmers, the seasons, and to your communities. The future will see the “quality over quantity” food movement where quality food will be personalized to your and your families lifestyles and needs, not to your n=1 bento box. Let’s use food to strengthen our communities more than ever, and let’s use personalized nutrition advice for what it’s meant for — to rebalance people back to vitality after chronic periods of poor quality foods, stress, and sedentary living.

It's In Your DNA

Personalized nutrition is a conceptual analog to personalized medicine. While there are food products available that address requirements or preferences of specific consumer groups, these products are based on empirical consumer science rather than on nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics. The latter two build the science foundation for understanding human variability in preferences, requirements and responses to diet, and may become the future tools for consumer assessment motivated by personalized nutritional counseling for health maintenance and disease prevention.

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